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Fat Burning Fingerprint (Big Book)

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Let’s face it, weight loss is often a painstakingly difficult process to master. Indeed, thousands that try cutting down their weight every year often find themselves struggling to meet their goals and ultimately give up in the end. However, it doesn’t have to always be this way especially if you seek counsel from those that have succeeded before. This is where proven systems such as the Fat Burning Fingerprint book comes in.

Finding someone that has tried and tested a weight loss technique is one of the most effective ways to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed about. You don’t want to fall into the same trap many others have done before you where they use the same old yet pointless weight loss strategies that never work.

How about working with a trained fitness enthusiast and a best-selling author like Gary Watson who’s the brains behind the high-flying Fat Burning Fingerprint program?

Want to learn how and why he’s different? Find out in our unbiased review below:

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Fat Burning Fingerprint Review

Put simply, the Fat Burning Fingerprint is an exceptional weight loss program that’s based on the fact that everybody’s genetic makeup is different from the other. What this means is that any form of diet and exercise regimen one chooses when seeking to lose weight should also be tailored to suit their specific body.

With this program, therefore, you’ll learn how to identify the exact foods to eat and understand what works for your body metabolism process and what doesn’t. What’s more, the author teaches you the most appropriate time to eat so that you can take full advantage of what the program refers to as the body’s intellectual eating window.

*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

About the Author

As mentioned earlier in this post, the author of the Fat Burning Fingerprint book is Gary Watson, a well-known figure in the fitness industry. What’s more, he is the best-selling author of the popular book Wake the Fork Up which he wrote in 2014.

It is through his huge interest in human fitness and in particular weight loss that he’s immersed himself deeply in research and fact-finding to help him mentor and coach thousands across the world transform their bodies for the better.

His most effective approach to weight loss entails teaching people to learn about their unique traits and working towards coming up with a personalized diet and exercise plan that helps them address their weight issues appropriately. He also strives to transform their mindset which is a powerful component when it comes to battling weight problems.

The Fat Burning Fingerprint is his latest program in which he unleashes more secrets of having a great body you can be proud of. It is on a limited offer so hurry and get your copy before price shoots up again.

How The Program Works

An effective weight loss plan can never assume a one-size-fits-all approach if it is to be successful. This is why Watson begins by asking you to answer about 25 questions to help you identify your kind of body. Based on your answers and the score you get, you are either categorized as Carbo, Protein, or the Mixed type. We take a look at what each means below:

S-Fat Carbo Type

This category of people typically have a slow oxidative system and this means they’re able to metabolize carbohydrates more effectively than their other two counterparts. As a result, they require high portions of carbohydrates (up to 60% of the micronutrients per serving). Do not let these figures confuse you as Watson shows you the correct foods to eat so you can maximize on your daily meals.

F-Fat Protein Type

If you belong in this category, it’s likely that you have a strong appetite and often crave salty and fatty foods. In such a case, you need to adjust the amount of micronutrients you consume in your diet including consuming more proteins (40%) than fats (30%) and carbs (30%). What’s more, it’s important that you eat several times a day as opposed to a few large meals at a go. Some of the healthy foods to add to your diet include avocado, lentils, salmon, and grass-fed beef.

M-Fat Mixed Type

Just as the name suggests, individuals in this category are a combination of S-Carbo and F-Protein types. If your score places you here, half of what you eat should comprise quality carbohydrates with the rest being shared between proteins (30%) and fats (20%). Try to eat more low to moderate starch vegetables including squash and kales.

After you’ve identified your type of body and the exact foods you require to get the appropriate weight, Watson then shows you how you can enhance your body’s ability to synthesize blood sugar as well as increase the amount of leptin hormone in the body. This combination is key in improving your fat-burning capabilities and ultimately in enabling you cut down your weight.

*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

What You’ll Learn With this Program

  • The first and possibly most important thing that Watson seeks to show you through the Fat Burning Fingerprint eBook is how to understand your body. Getting to know this will make it way easier to beat weight gain and overcome all sorts of problems that come as a result of excessive weight.
  • Learn how to avoid falling for various diet fads and sticking to what works and is proven.
  • This program also highlights proven tactics through which you can enhance your metabolism and resultantly lose weight without adding extra effort in body training or diet changes.
  • Learn how you can easily supercharge your fat burning hormones using diet and never with the help of unhealthy supplements that are often sold today.
  • Fat Burning Fingerprint also gives you effective tips on how to maintain your dream body shape once you’ve cut down unwanted body fats and toned your physique.

*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

What You’ll Get With this Program’s Package

Primary Manual

The main guidebook consist of over 100 pages of well-organized information on ways to achieve remarkable weight loss results using diet change and exercise. The book which is compiled by one of the most knowledgeable human fitness expert contains practical techniques that will transform how you lose weight at home. Watson is a firm believer of the fact that we’re all structured differently and so should our weight loss plans. Get hold of this amazing book for more on how you can get your dream body in a matter of weeks.

Bonuses Included

On top of the main guidebook, Watson throws in three more manuals to help emphasize on his unique methods of quick weight loss.

3-Week Fast Track Guide

In this 5-page guide, Watson delves deeper into the working of his Fat Burning Fingerprint program, giving you a breakdown of the three main stages of burning fats as we well as easy tips to use to make this process more effective. In it also, you’ll learn ways to enhance your metabolism and cleanse your body of any toxins and wastes.

3 Foods You Must Avoid

Just as the name suggests, this short manual describes a few foods you should steer clear from if you’re to achieve worthwhile results in your pursuit of weight loss. The 15-page guide is particularly keen on three harmful ingredients that Watson claims are often pushed to us by manufacturers through colourful TV adverts. These are foods we all love but which significantly inhibit our ability to beat weight loss.

7 Super Fat Burning Hormones

Learn about the seven hormones that the body produces and which play a key role in general weight management. The 24-page guidebook outlines four hormones that facilitate weight loss and three others that are known to store fats in the body. Watson shows you how to leverage each of them to burn fats even when resting or not exercising at all.

Benefits of This Program

  • Works for everyone regardless of age or gender
    While Fat Burning Fingerprint book is mainly aimed at those past 30 years, it can be used by pretty much anyone struggling with weight. It also doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman to get results with it.
  • Developed by a reputable expert
    As mentioned, Watson is a well-known fitness expert who even has a best-selling book in the fitness space. This makes his program more credible and worth the money.
  • Natural diet
    Everything that Watson recommends in his program is natural and things you can find in your local grocery. You don’t need to go for those expensive appetite suppressants or waste money on ineffective pills once you get a copy of this book.
  • 60-day money back guarantee
    Not satisfied with what Watson teaches in his book? You’re free to ask for a full refund of your money. You don’t have to worry about giving this book a try as your purchase is fully covered by this generous offer by Watson.

*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.


If you’re still on the fence deliberating on whether to get this book or not, we’d encourage you to go ahead and make your order today. It’s a brilliant copy that also comes with several more bonus guides to assist you overcome weight loss issues and get your sexy back.

What’s more, you’re free to ask for a refund in the rare event that Watson’s teachings do not sound valuable to you.

Order your copy of the Fat Burning Fingerprint book today and be the next success story!

Fat Burning Fingerprint (Big Book)

Official Package By Gary Watson + 3 Bonuses

Today Only $37!
Limited Time Offer

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